26 Beginner Exercises to Lose the Mom Belly

26 Beginner Exercises to Lose the Mom Belly

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Of course, after pregnancy the weight gain in the lower abdomen is not so beautiful. I have created a post pregnancy weight loss plan that is helping me lose the mom belly, feel healthier, and look fit.


Before I was pregnant, I always carried a little extra weight in my lower abdomen. I blame my childhood. I was a fat kid. I lost a lot of weight the summer before high school started, but I didn’t do it in the most healthy way so the weight stayed with me in that one area all my adult life.


The nice thing about pregnancy is the fatter you get, the more people compliment you. It was definitely a nice change. For once, I got compliments like “you look great” and “congratulations”. My self-esteem about my body has never been higher.


Now that my baby is out of my tummy, my self-consciousness about my body is back. I got really disappointed when someone congratulated me on a second pregnancy a month and a half after having my baby. My belly was still round and high. It was mushy and felt like jello.


Not only that but I had just started working out and it was extremely hard to get rid of that extra weight. It still hung around two months after pregnancy. I took a shopping trip to find pants post pregnancy and had to be strategic about which pants would look decent. Very few items fit the way they should.


Determined to lose the mom belly, I set out on an exercise plan and diet. I’ve been working out and using specific exercises to target the belly fat in the lower abdomen and tone my body all around.


I am proud to say that today was the first day that I looked in the mirror and it didn’t make me sad. In fact, I tried on pants I had before pregnancy and THEY FIT! I tried on one of my tighter tops and spent a good 20 minutes admiring myself in the mirror.


This past month I have been pushing myself to the limits. I started this exercise plan at 6 weeks post partum and exactly a month later I have lost 3 pounds and 3 inches!


It doesn’t seem like a lot but considering I had hit a plateau with my weight and a month ago I still looked pregnant, it is definitely some progress. Continuing my weight loss plan will only yield better results for this next month.


There are several specific exercises I used to target the belly fat in the lower abdomen. My routine is made up of yoga poses, a variety of crunches, strength exercises, and cardio.


First, I start with some beginner yoga poses that include:

The full article is 10 Yoga Poses You Should Do Everyday at Gethealthyu.com


I do these mainly to help strengthen my back as I was getting some back pain lifting my 12 pound baby and the carrier. There are some great benefits to doing yoga with your workout routine. Yoga improves muscle tone, flexibility, balance, strength and stamina.


After the yoga session, I follow it with strengthening the abdominal muscles with a variety of crunches. Crunches do not burn stomach fat but they do help strengthen the core muscles. When you increase muscle tone it helps you burn fat more efficiently.


This is the workout plan that I follow for abdominal exercises.

The full article is: 7 day muffin top challenge by hittworkout.net


I use resistance bands to tone my arms. As my baby gets older and heavier, I have to remind myself not to lift her with my back. Gaining arm strength is important for lifting her and the carrier without straining my back.


Here is how I strengthen my arms using resistance bands: 

The full workout is Upper Body Resistance Band Workout for Strong Arms by Yourtrainerpaige.com


Finally I make sure that I get in some cardio which includes a walk/run combo around my neighborhood. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System has allowed me to take my baby with me and get that cardio in. I spend about 30 minutes and run as hard as I can, jog for as long as I can, then walk. I repeat this as many times as I can in the 30 minutes.


My diet plan is high protein and low carb. I cut out all sugar and processed foods. While everyone’s needs are different, this diet plan has worked well for me and helps me to maintain the muscle that I gain with my exercise plan.


I do my workouts in the morning on an empty stomach and follow it with a 30g protein shake. I know that with enough persistence I will lose the mom belly in no time. I stick to this exercise plan daily. After each week, I usually go on a cleansing fast for 24 hours. This rids my body of toxins and gives my body the extra push it needs to lose the weight. It is important that you practice the right way of fasting so your body doesn’t lose muscle mass. I practice intermittent fasting which you can find more information about here.


I hope this helps any other new moms out there trying to lose the mom belly. Feel free to comment below on what works for you. 

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