7 Things I’m Glad I Got Done Before Baby Arrived

7 Things I’m Glad I Got Done Before Baby Arrived


Not knowing what to expect as a new mom can be stressful. When I was pregnant, I fell into the “nesting period” hard. I felt like I needed everything as ready as possible and all my ducks in a row before my baby arrived.

Surprisingly I was quite prepared. There were several things that stood out that I’m so glad I got done before baby arrived.


#1: Pay bills in advance

Making sure I had my bills paid in advance was definitely a relief. I made a list of all the bills I owed and when they were due, then I paid all the bills that weren’t automatically withdrawn a month in advance.


This was especially helpful for the bills that I couldn’t just pay with a quick button online such as my rent. My due date was pretty close to the due date for the rent and the last thing I wanted to do was go in labor and have to pay a late fee.


#2: Renewed my license

I realized that my license expired a month after my due date so I renewed it early. I just had this vision of me sitting in the DMV with a crying newborn baby, around a crowd of strangers, some of them coughing around me and staring. That alone was enough to suck up my procrastination and get my 8 1/2 months pregnant self over there.


#3: Grocery shopping

I recommend getting as much grocery shopping done as possible. I went to Sam’s Club and stocked up on everything I could just to make sure I didn’t run out of food during my first month with the new baby.


I made sure that I got a few things that were quick meals or snacks to make, as having a newborn you are constantly feeding and changing them so there is not that much time to make a big meal. Note: Your baby will not care if mommy is hungry, for the first few months everything is always about them.


When I was breastfeeding, I realized that I got hungry more often. (Probably from all the calories you burn breastfeeding). I made sure that I had some healthy snacks as well to put on my dresser in case I got hungry which proved to be very helpful.


Check out: A Few Quick Meals and Snacks for the New Mom


#4: Stocked up on personal items


In addition to stocking up on food, I also stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and shaving cream. I made sure that I had all the feminine products (pads, breast pads, nipple cream) that I needed so that hubby didn’t have to be embarrassed by buying any of those things.


For anything that I forgot to get I had it shipped to my house in 2 days with Amazon Prime after the baby arrived. It was very convenient. I ended up continuing my Amazon Prime membership after the first month in order to get formula in bulk sent to my house. Formula is quite expensive but when you buy through Amazon in a pack of 6, you save about $3-4 on each can.


#5: Get PJ’s and slippers

If I had to choose one thing out of this list that is the most important, I would have to say it is this one. Get some comfy pajamas and slippers before baby arrives.


The first few days in the hospital you will be living in your pajamas, and when you get home, you will pretty much live in your pajamas. New Mom Tip: Make sure you have more than one pair just incase baby throws up on them. It will cut down on laundry having a few pairs.


#6: Get a haircut


With the prenatal pills, I’m sure you are trying to grow out your locks, but get a trim before baby comes. Your whole family will be getting photos of you with your new baby and you will want to look your best in them. Plus you don’t want to bring your newborn around all those hair chemicals in the salon, so it is one of those things that will be hard to do after baby arrives. Get it done before so you can at least feel decent about how you look after birth.


#7: Pick out a pediatrician


This is one thing I wish I got done before baby arrived. After her birth day, the hospital nurse kept coming by asking who I had picked out for a pediatrician. When I told them I didn’t have one they found me one, but it was pretty far from my house. I had to get on my phone and find one close by before I left the hospital. Luckily I picked out a good one, although I wish I could have stopped by and checked out the place beforehand.


The last two weeks before my due date, my “nesting” instinct kicked into overdrive. I was trying to find as many things as possible that I could do to prepare for baby’s arrival. Of course, it’s hard to prepare everything, but I was so glad I got these things done before baby arrived. It definitely made it a bit easier after she was born.

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