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It seems like just yesterday I was on my own. I was floating along through single life with no responsibilities and no life purpose. Life was about looking out for number one. I got out of college, I got my own place, I had a decent job. Things were progressing slowly but as planned.


Family seemed like a distant goal, something you do when you are older. I imagined finding the man of my dreams, dating for several years, marrying him, getting a house together, get finances straight, and then I would think about family. It’s funny how life never goes how you plan it to be.


Out of the blue, it happened. I’m pregnant.


It has started. This thing called life. I have always wondered how to start a family and now when I least expect it, it has begun. No longer do I look out for number one. Now I have responsibilities, life goals, family goals, a purpose.


On 4/4 at 12:04am, I welcomed my beautiful purpose into the world. Her name is Savannah and being her Mom is what I was meant to do.



Going from single to family in what seems like 60 seconds has its challenges. This whole Mom thing is brand new to me and I’ve been trying to navigate it a day at a time. My best friend and soul mate has jumped into this with me and loves being a father. We have been through emotional rollercoasters, snot bubbles, and crazy sleepless nights. It’s all worth it though when I see my baby girl smile.    


Not everyone has a conventional cookie cutter family. Not everyone was a 100% ready to join the Mom Club. But every Mom has to navigate through it, no matter how tough it gets.


Every day I’m learning and growing, although with all my internet researching, I wasn’t prepared for what I had to go through. Some things I wish I knew years ago. Some things I wish I knew yesterday.


So, this blog is for the fresh new Mom, the unconventional Mom, the unexpected Mom, or really any new Mom trying every day to make it work. Hopefully my experiences can help you navigate through this new Mom world a little easier. Be brave and patient. Know that this is it…this is what you were meant to do…this is family.


Happy adventures!


Rachel Alice   

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