How to Find the Perfect Postpartum Pants

How to Find the Perfect Postpartum Pants

So I’m sure you’ve seen that movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, in which there is one pair of pants that fits all sizes. That would be so nice if I could find those magical pants that fit me no matter what size I was. I’m sure that is every woman’s dream. But I’ve searched high and low with no luck in finding them.


As you can probably guess, I took my first trip postpartum to buy some new pants. Yes, that is why I am bitter. It was surprisingly difficult to find the perfect postpartum pants as my body had changed a lot after pregnancy.


This is a story about the shock and the motivation that I acquired in the process of finding postpartum pants.



Let’s start from the beginning. I was fresh out of the hospital and I looked like I was still pregnant. Not only did I not care what I was wearing, but the maternity pants that I had grown to love for their comfort factor fit perfectly.


The first month home with my newborn, I didn’t really go anywhere. I was recovering and sleeping, feeding her, and moping around the house. I wore mainly pajama pants. If I had to go the grocery store or out of the house for any reason, I just threw on my maternity pants. I just kept it simple.


I wore my maternity pants for the entire first month home with my newborn. By the end of the first month, the belly band didn’t fit anymore. My pants would slide down and sag so it was getting hard to wear them in public.


Then I got it, the dreaded insinuation that I was pregnant. My newborn was a month and a week old and my hubby was showing her off (as usual) to a man behind a counter. “She is beautiful” he said, “and another one on the way, congratulations!”


“No, no other one” I said calmly, “she is a month old…I just had her.”


The man realized what he had said and started apologizing profusely. I could tell he felt like he highly offended me and felt horrible about it. I reassured him that it was an honest mistake and she was a newborn so of course I would look that way. Inside I was shuddering at the thought of my body mistakenly taken for being pregnant and my self-esteem was crushed.


As soon as I could, I raided my closet trying to find a decent pair of pants. I tried on every pair of pants that I own and I couldn’t pull a single one above my knees. Defeated, I took a trip to the store.


Trying on pants at the store did not make me feel any better. I tried on multiple pairs of pants in different sizes and styles desperately trying to find something that fit and looked halfway decent.


I had went from a size 10 to a size 14 (and even that was a tight fit because I refused to admit that I had grown 3 sizes). This post-pregnancy mom belly felt like jello and protruded in the lower abdomen. Most of the styles of pants just didn’t help my body at all. I searched and searched and finally came to some conclusions on how I was going to find a decent pair of postpartum pants.


These are just a few of the pants that I found that fit well on my post-pregnancy body. Unless you are one of the girls that lose the weight immediately after birth, you can use this guide to find the perfect postpartum pants as well.


#1: Yoga Pants



The yoga pants were great. They were the only pants that looked good and I could still fit my size in those because they had more elasticity and a tie around the waist. I got a black pair and a black pair of Capri style so I could wear them with some shirts I had and they wouldn’t look too athletic.


#2: Elastic waist jeans


I bought a pair of jeans as well in my increased size. The jeans were designed with a more elastic waist so they easily fit over the mom belly and looked like they fit everywhere else.


#3: High-waisted pants


I looked at the high-waisted pants as well. No, not the mom jeans, but the high-waisted pants that had a tighter butt area. They fit well because they hid all that belly flab. Matched with a crop top, they would make a great outfit.


#4: Long shorts and capris


The long shorts and capris fit nicely as they took away from the waist area with cargo pockets and cuffed bottoms. The button on the waist fit well as opposed to some with a latch.


#5: Loose tops



This tip doesn’t have to do with pants, but if you get a loose top that will cover the mommy tummy, then it will ultimately make whatever pants you are wearing look better.


#6: Tops with designs and patterns on the front


While this doesn’t have to do with postpartum pants either, I have found that the tops that have the design in the front and a solid color on the back are the best.


Now, in my experience, there are a few things that I would stay away from, unless you want to be sadly disappointed. These types of pants are the least flattering if you have a mom belly like me. 



#1: The same size that you were post-pregnancy



The quickest way to be disappointed on your shopping trip is to try to squeeze into the same size that you were post-pregnancy. Your body has changed and you are most likely a size or two larger. Get over it and try on some larger pants.


#2: Skinny jeans


While you may have looked awesome in skinny jeans, they will probably disappoint you now. I realized that I had to go 3X to 4X above my post-pregnancy size in order to squeeze into some skinny jeans. Then they looked kind of awkward because my hips had grown too.


#3: Short shorts


Like I said, if you are one of the girls that lose all their pregnancy weight immediately, then disregard this message. As for the rest of us, short shorts are just not cute anymore. My thighs and hips are bigger now and the short shorts do not do me any justice.


#4: White Pants



While you may have rocked white pants before having a baby, getting white pants just seems like an accident waiting to happen. Sure, formula may be the same color as the pants. But they will be short-lived once your baby starts eating baby food. Those white pants may look like an art project gone bad.


These were a few types of pants that I did not find appealing. I also stayed away from anything tight including dresses, tank tops, tight shirts, skirts, and tights. At least until I have my post-pregnancy body back.


In conclusion, this shopping trip has got me motivated. I plan on exercising this mom belly off and will hopefully be back to my old size at least in a few months.


The trip definitely inspired me. I am determined to get this mom belly off me!


I started a diet plan and an exercise regime. I am doing exercises that are highly focused around toning my core and the abdominal area. I’ve cut out all sweets in my diet. I have my full diet and exercise plan coming soon.


So my shopping trip was disappointing and surprising, yet it was also inspiring and motivating. I will stick to my diet and exercise plan, for anything, just to be able to go to the store, try on pants, and smile because I look great.


Oh and also so the next compliment I get can be, “Wow, you just had a baby? I can’t tell, you look great” which is, I’m sure, what every mom would love to hear. 





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