Mom Blog vs. Being a Mom: The Battle for Time and Sanity

Mom Blog vs. Being a Mom: The Battle for Time and Sanity

I feel like I’m in an uphill battle.


I am torn physically and mentally between being a mom and starting a mom blog.


It’s exhausting.


I’m not sure what triggered this realization. It could have been the pep talk that my hubby gave to his nephew. But I just had a realization that my days are spent fast and with little progress.


My hubby said “It’s not what people see you do, it’s what you do when no one is watching that makes a difference.”


It is completely true. Too often I get lost in being lazy and I make no progress on anything, especially on things that I need to be consistent with in order to see results.


I’m thinking of this blog. This blog and the two other blogs that I have in mind to start. I’m trying to do too much and getting overwhelmed.


I know where this feeling is stemming from. A few months ago, my hosting server went down. I had several blogs that all got completely erased. At the time, I didn’t feel like they were that important. None of them had over 12 page views a day, none where making a significant amount of money. They were mainly just rants about life and about my job when I worked door-to-door, or little projects that I had started and never put in the time to see through.


At first, losing those blogs and my years of work on them didn’t seem like a big deal. Perhaps it is a sign that I must now start fresh. After so many failures, I’m bound now to make a great blog that pulls in a significant income. I thought, there is nothing distracting me now, I can focus on one blog and make it great.


The more I try to make my new blog succeed, the more I feel myself regressing. I think back to my lost blogs and realized that I should have been more proud of them. I should have advertised them and wanted people to read them. They were good, they weren’t terrible.


You would think after creating several blogs, a professional website, and an online store, it would be second nature. You would think I would easily be able to type out and produce a full blog with some weight in no time. It doesn’t seem to work that way. My focus is lost. My mind is now stuck in a cloud.


Maybe it is because my blogs were lost. Maybe it is because I am stretched thin with my time and patience with the baby.


Whatever it is, I feel this battle in my head. It rages on.


In order to make this work, I need to get my sanity back and take a deep breath. 


I’ve come to a few realizations that I would like to share…


First, no time is wasted time. As the days slide past and time slips away, I need to realize that time is never wasted. The time I spend with my little one is quality time. The time I spend on my blog, no matter how little, is quality time. It is working towards a goal and as long as I try to be semi-consistent, it will pay off. 


Second, create a game plan. Nothing ever gets done if you don’t know what to do. Creating a game plan means creating actionable steps, a to-do list of items that you would like to accomplish each day. Too often I feel like I need to do everything all at once, today. Setting my goals further out over the span of months or years, will allow me to work on them more effectively over time and not be overwhelmed each day.


Third, when you get a few minutes, focus harder. While this is the hardest thing to do, I realize that when I get really into my work or am focusing hard on something, then more gets done. I have to clear my mind of all the daily stresses and let myself know that right now it is “me time” and I only need to focus on what I am doing.


I have learned a few things as well from my blog failures in the past…


First, always backup. Always have a backup on your blog and update it regularly. It is devastating to lose all your hard work in a day. 


Second, promote your blog. I spent so much time on my blogs, and maybe they were just random rants about my life. I’m sure someone would want to read it. And if not, if I don’t put it out there, I would never know. Maybe I get a comment from someone about how much my blog sucks, I don’t know. I would never know anything about it unless I put it out there for people to read. I should have been proud of my work, my writing, my blog creation. Going forward, that is one thing I want to do more of. 


Third, don’t take on too many projects all at once. I have a habit of starting something and not finishing it. When it comes to blogging, I feel like I have a little bit to say on many different topics, not just one. I’m sure anyone who is searching for a blog niche can feel where I’m coming from. I realized that I need to focus on one project at a time. Maybe that project is a lifestyle blog where I talk about more than one thing, either way, it is one blog and I don’t have to create and design a whole new blog while giving up on the first one.


Having  a mom blog and being a mom doesn’t have to contradict. While I feel my time and sanity are stretched to their limits, both are rewarding in different ways. Being a mom is the best experience of my life. Having a mom blog let’s me share those experiences. Both go hand in hand. 


How do you feel about your mom blog and being a mom? Feel free to comment.

If you don’t have a mom blog yet and would like to start one, read Start a Blog.

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