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Mom Blog vs. Being a Mom: The Battle for Time and Sanity

Mom Blog vs. Being a Mom: The Battle for Time and Sanity

I feel like I'm in an uphill battle.   I am torn physically and mentally between being a mom and starting a mom blog.   It's exhausting.   I'm not sure what triggered this realization. It could have been the pep talk that my hubby [...]
26 Beginner Exercises to Lose the Mom Belly

26 Beginner Exercises to Lose the Mom Belly

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Of course, after pregnancy the weight gain in the lower abdomen is not so beautiful. I have created a post pregnancy weight loss plan that is helping me lose the mom belly, feel healthier, and look fit.   Before I [...]
How to Make Sure You Never Lose Baby Pictures

How to Make Sure You Never Lose Baby Pictures

I’m sure it has happened to you before. You thought you backed up your photos and then you lose your phone. They weren’t backed up as you thought and you lose your baby’s pictures, your family events, your grandparents that are no longer alive, your entire life of memories. It’s devastating!


I am ridiculously picky when it comes to photographs. Not only do I have to take a hundred pictures just to find a few that I like, but also I want to keep all hundred. I am obsessed, I admit it. I just don’t want a single memory lost.


Through this first month of my baby girl’s life, I have taken more pictures than in the last 2 years. I want to capture every single moment of her newborn life (and also she won’t stay still for picture so I have a lot of blurry shots).


My biggest fear is that I would lose or break my phone and that all these precious moments would be lost forever. So my obsessed self has found several ways to make sure I don’t lose any baby pictures (and yes, I don’t pick one of these methods, I actually do them all…you can never be too careful).


#1: Save them to Icloud or Google Drive


I actually work in a cell phone store and so I see many different customers all with the same issue. They broke or lost their phone and they forgot to backup their photos to iCloud or Google Drive.


They look at me with puppy dog eyes like I can just wave a magic wand that only us cell phone reps have and all of a sudden they would have all their photos back. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist…yet.


But I tell these people all the time, set up auto save on your cell phone so each time you take a photo, it is being saved somewhere other than just the phone. Iphone with automatically back up to the iCloud every time you have the phone plugged in and are connected to Wifi, which for most is just about every night.


#2: Email them


I gave my stepdad a warning that every time I take some cute photos, I am going to email them to him. “That’s no problem” he said happily. Of course, he loves getting photos of his granddaughter.


This helps me out in that if anything happens to my iCloud, somebody else has all my important photos. I could also email them to myself, but I literally have about 30,000 emails and I know they would get lost. My stepdad is a computer tech and has his own server that is never down. Plus he will email them to my mom. I know they will be kept in multiple secure places.


#3: Save on USB or external hard drive


Still with the theme of keeping these photos digital, they can also be saved to a USB or external hard drive. While they would be digital, they would also be physical. Just make sure you can find a good place to store that small USB.


#4: Print them out


Most people have too many photos to go the old-fashioned route but you could always pick your favorites and print them out. While it will eventually take up some room in your garage, you can add your physical copies of photos to a photo album or scrapbook. You will want this to show your baby anyways so why not start one.


#5: Use a photo printing app


The newest and absolutely coolest way I’ve seen to store photos is using a photo printing app. One such app is called Recently, in which you provide them with photos and they make a monthly magazine out of your photos and mail it to you.


It will take some physical storage on your part, but you get a professional looking photo album every month without having to print, cut, and paste photos yourself.


Another photo app I’ve been seeing is Mixtiles. With Mixtiles, you send them which pictures you would like and they print them on square canvases. You can arrange these tiles on your wall however you would like. There is a cost associated with this one, but the pricing is not bad, especially for canvas pictures.


So these are just a few ways that I use to make sure I never lose baby pictures. Like I said, I work in a cell phone store and I hear it way too many times. People drop their phone in water, or lose it, or it gets run over. You don’t think it will happen until it does. They are left without any way to retrieve their hundreds or thousands of photos of their loved ones. I always feel so bad that I can’t help them. 


Just keep in mind that you should always have your photos backed up. They may be backed up to a cloud or internet service, but that should not be relied on as your only backup. Make sure you never lose baby pictures by backing them up in multiple places.

How to Find the Perfect Postpartum Pants

How to Find the Perfect Postpartum Pants

So I’m sure you’ve seen that movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, in which there is one pair of pants that fits all sizes. That would be so nice if I could find those magical pants that fit me no matter what size I was. [...]
How I’ve Mastered 3 of the Hardest Emotional Challenges of Motherhood

How I’ve Mastered 3 of the Hardest Emotional Challenges of Motherhood

Being a mother is the most awesome thing I have experienced so far in my life. I love being needed by my little girl for everything, providing for her, giving her comfort. She has given me a new sense of purpose in my life.   [...]
Transitioning from Single Life to Motherhood

Transitioning from Single Life to Motherhood


Wow, what a difference living the single life vs. being a mother.

Just a year ago, I was living the single life. I didn’t have responsibilities. My free time was my time. I spent my days working and watching Netflix.

Not anymore.

I have went from the single life to motherhood. I feel like I wait on my baby hand and foot. Every cry I come running over frantically trying to figure out what is wrong. Even when she is sleeping, I can’t help but to stress that she will wake up any minute. With all that stress on my mind, I can’t get anything done.

It’s been hard transitioning from single life to motherhood. While it is rewarding having a baby girl and being her everything, it can also drive anyone crazy.


Here are some hard truths about my new life that I just have to swallow.


#1: It’s not about what I want anymore, it’s about what my baby wants.

#2: You can’t fail at life now, she is relying on you.

#3: You can’t waste time, you need to be productive.

#4: When she is hungry, or needs a change, or anything, stop what you are doing.

#5: She will be shared with another person, for life. So get along with him.

#6: No more sweets if you want your body back.

#7: Is she fed? Is her diaper dirty? Is she asleep? Good. No. Does she have fresh clothes? Laundry. Does she have clean bottles? Clean kitchen. Did she throw up on the floor? Clean room. When will he be home from work? Cook dinner. Can I get sleep tonight? No. Repeat.

#8: Save every penny, you will be unpaid for a few months. 

#9: Does she seem fussier than last week? Get used to it.

#10: Grandma will stay asking for pictures, take a lot, every day.

#11: Got a clean shirt on? Not for long.

#12: Always carry a spare shirt, her mission is to throw up on you while you are in a public place.

#13: Yes, she will fart at random times. Especially when you try and show off how cute she is.

Along with all the new hard truths that I need to get used to, I have been thrown into this responsible role that is new to me. I am used to being independent and providing for myself. I did things when I wanted to, I didn’t mind eating pasta or fast food for dinner, I went out with friends, I drank on occasion. 

Now I am without an income, relying on someone else to pay bills. I have a full dinner cooked every night when he gets home. I have no time for friends and have to pack two of everything in the diaper bag if I want to go anywhere. I haven’t drank since before pregnancy and have no plans to in the future. I have to make sure the house is clean because I live in it all day.

Being a mom is definitely a full time job. 

While it is very demanding, it is also rewarding. It has me concerned about what I eat, what I get into, how financially stable I am, and how I’m raising my daughter. I have this little life that relies on me so much. She loves me and I love her.

That is the best; remembering that I will have someone to love me and care about for the rest of my life. Nothing can compare to that feeling.

So while motherhood is definitely different than the single life, it is good. Do I miss the single life? Do I regret going from the single life to motherhood? No, not at all. This is a new adventure for me and I will take everything that comes with it. 


Do you have some hard truths that you need to get off your mind? Please feel free to comment them below.


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