How to Keep Your Kid Safe at the Theme Park

How to Keep Your Kid Safe at the Theme Park

A parent’s worst fear is turning around at a theme park and suddenly your child is gone. In a place such as a theme park, where there are large groups of people all moseying around in a daze, it is an easy place for a child to wander off.

I live in the heart of Orlando surrounded by Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, and many other theme parks. Even for a local like me, theme park safety is extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Recently I took my baby to Disney for her 2nd birthday. Yes, I know, some people may think that is too early for Disney, but I wouldn’t regret a second of it. She had a blast.

Of course there were some preparation we had to do and she wasn’t able to ride every ride. If you were thinking about taking your two year old to Disney this could actually give you some great advice on what to do and bring.

How did we prep for Disney with a 2 year old?

When you bring a baby to Disney it is important that you are prepared for anything. Although also you don’t want to be carrying around any heavy items as you will be doing a lot of walking.

My first suggestion is comfortable shoes btw.

After comfortable shoes, is a stroller. Not just any stroller though. I would recommend a good jogger stroller as it was good having storage below, drink holders, and wheels that won’t fall off after a few hours.

The section below the stroller was large enough for a small diaper bag which we filled with several items:

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • changing pad
  • change of clothes
  • sun hat
  • sunscreen
  • snacks (squeeze applesauces and crackers – Yes you can bring in snacks and drinks)
  • WATER!!

Water is a must btw, the Florida heat is no joke!

On that same note, I would also recommend some baby sunglasses. You want to be prepared for that heat. Also, perhaps an umbrella just in case if the day is cloudy.

Rides for Two Year Olds

It is good to plan out what rides you will want to go on as there are just a few select ones that are great for a two year old. Get a map at the entrance of the park and mark where you want to go. That will help you not to be that person that stops in oncoming traffic to decide what direction to go.

A few good rides for two year olds include:

  • Teacups (not too fast)
  • Aladdins magic carpet ride
  • Flying Dumbo ride
  • Little Mermaid slow moving shell ride
  • Peoplemover at Tomorrowland

Now if you don’t have a fast pass, it will probably take all day to get through those 5 rides and the baby will be wiped out from standing in line in the heat. I’m sure there are more baby friendly rides but that is all I got to with no fast pass.

The fast pass will cut your waiting time in half. Without a fast pass you could be waiting anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours for a single ride. With a fast pass you will be at 15-45 minutes. I highly recommend getting one especially if it’s your first time to Disney.

Safety for your Toddler

When you are at Disney with your toddler, safety will be your first concern. With the large crowds of people all around you, you don’t want to let them go as they can disappear in a second.

Keep your toddler in your arms or in a stroller. Many people get leashes for their toddlers. I personally think this looks cheesy but it is definely smart.

Putting your two year old on your shoulders can also work well with this nifty device.

I would also recommend having them wear a nice bright color or matching outfits if you have multiple kids.

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